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This week in Elixir

5 Phoenix Open Source Projects to Study
Josef wrote this post about Phoenix open source projects you can use to study Elixir/Phoenix code.

Eloquent Control Flow + Efficient Time Complexity in Elixir
It's that time of the year: Sophie worked out a Day 1 of Advent Of Code highlighting some of Elixir's simplest, most powerful features.

Improving EventStore Performance by 2x to 4x+
Derek recently contributed to improving EventStore's performance by up to 4x and blogged about it.

Top 5 Elixir Skills to Learn for Juniors
Are you looking for your first job in Elixir? Check our Michał 's list of Top 5 Elixir Skills for Junior Developers!

Planetary Scale Rust and Golang by Embedding WebAssembly in Elixir
If you can look past the buzzword-bingo seo-juice dripping title, there are actually interesting ideas in this article (one has to wonder where one goes from "planetary scale"?).

Elixir Businesses Doing Well
Lars writes about some Elixir companies that are doing pretty well.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Mix: Learning and Loving Elixir with Randall Thomas Podcast

Elixir Wizards: Launchisode and Outlaws Takeover Podcast

ElixirTalk: Sean Stavropoulos Podcast

Thinking Elixir: Improving Developer Experience with Marlus Saraiva Podcast

Hardening Applications with Property Tests - Parker Selbert Video

Anatomy of a Real Time Elixir App - Steve Bussey Video

Why Zig is a Great Language for Elixir Nifs: Vol. 2 Video

[live Coding] UX with LiveView: Wiktionary III / Parser via Code = Data Video

Elixir Concurrent Testing Architecture Blog post

Wisps - A Touch of Whimsy Blog post

[elixir/nerves] Pulse Width Modulation (pwm) for LED Blog post

Using Sessions with Phoenix LiveView Blog post

Phoenix 1.5 with Tailwind Blog post

Add Fontawesome to Phoenix 1.5 Blog post

Learning Elixir's GenServer with a Real-world Example Blog post

Kaffy - Admin Interface for Phoenix Applications Blog post

Reserved Backward Compatibility Blog post

How To: Swap Registration Flow to a Live View with phx_gen_auth Blog post

Elixir-wallaby/wallaby Project update

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