Issue #24: Elixir Users' Survey 2016 Results, Latency and Internationalization

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This week in Elixir

Elixir Users' Survey 2016 Results
It's that magical time of the year again! Naturally, I am talking about Josh revealing the results of his yearly Elixir Users' Survey. There are some gems in this report :)

Reducing the maximum latency of a bound buffer
What can I say? Everytime I read one of Sasha's posts, I learn something useful.

Internationalization of Elixir applications
A look at how Football Addicts deals with internationalization of their push notifications by combining the Transifex service and Gettext.

Best parts of "What's New in Ecto 2.0"
Karol shows you the best parts of Plataformatec’s official book about the newest Ecto revamp.

Tuning Elixir GenStage/Flow pipeline processing
This post shows you how to use Flow to implement parallel pipeline processing and be confident about performance.

SearchQL: Parse search queries in Elixir
This looks promising: Given a query such as "nice OR sweet AND NOT salty" SearchQL can generate a data representation of the query.

Interview Video of ElixirConf 2016
This is a really neat recap of what makes Elixir conferences great. Kudos to Jim and the whole team, this is very cool!

Even more from around the Elixir community

AnyCable: Action Cable on steroids Blog post

Why the Elixir language has great potential Blog post

Intentionally Learning Elixir Blog post

Composing Elixir Functions Blog post

Benchmarking communication between Elixir and Ruby Blog post

Build a simple chat room Blog post

Our first Elixir project Blog post

How to write a simple chat application Blog post

Storing Nested Associations with Phoenix Forms Blog post

Calling Python from Elixir: ErlPort vs Thrift Blog post

Why we chose Elixir and React Native Blog post

Parsing a Twitter timestamp with Elixir Blog post

Why Python programmers might want to look at Elixir Blog post

A Year Learning Programming: Ruby, Elixir, and JavaScript Blog post

Numbers - A generic wrapper to use *any* custom Numeric type! Project update

Morse: Morse code encoder and decoder Project update

db2kafka - RDBMS to Kafka pump Project update

Introducing CERBAS Project update

ExMustang slackbot 0.2 with multiple responders Project update

Tensor, the Vector/Matrix/Tensor library has reached v1.0! Project update

MapDiff: A small library that computes the difference between two maps Project update

Morphix 0.0.4 - now with `:safe` atomorphifification! Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
@rrrene from ElixirWeekly

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