Issue #27: Registry in Elixir 1.4, Passwordless Authentication in Phoenix and Protecting Your Data with PostgreSQL Constraints

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Elixir v1.4 released
Congrats to the Elixir Core team and all contributors!

Registry in Elixir 1.4
One of the new additions in Elixir 1.4 that everyone's been looking forward to is the new Registry module. Here's one way to take advantage of this handy feature that is now part of the core library.

Building a CQRS/ES web application in Elixir using Phoenix
Ben describes how he built a web application following a Command Query Responsibility Segregation/Event Sourcing (CQRS/ES) pattern in Elixir.

Passwordless Authentication in Phoenix
Passwordless or “magic link” authentication is very user friendly, relatively easy to implement, and sufficiently secure for most apps. This article is a step by step guide for implementing passwordless authentication in Phoenix.

Protect Your Data with PostgreSQL Constraints
Ecto embraces database constraints as the correct way to guarantee consistency in your database. But do you know how to use them?

Molasses - A feature toggling library for Elixir!
A feature toggle library for Elixir, which allows you to roll out select features to a subset of your users (e.g. for beta testing).

Learn Elixir with a Rubyist - Episode III
This time: Maps, Functions + Pattern Matching = ❤️!

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