Issue #28: Server Side DOM, Reusable Templates and Deployment

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This week in Elixir

Drab: Phoenix library for server-side DOM UI objects
Drab is an addition to Phoenix to allow the live access - read and modify - the User Interface in the browser directly from you Elixir code.

Elixir deployment & clustering with Docker & Rancher
Two posts about Elixir deployment using Docker and Rancher.

Deploying Phoenix Apps for Rails Developers - Part 1
A detailed guide on how to configure distillery and edeliver, and then deploy a Phoenix application to a server. The post compares the deployment process to its Rails counterpart (Capistrano).

Reusable Templates in Phoenix
In this blog post, Daniel shows how to make your server-rendered templates reusable in a way similar to React.

Spec: Elixir structure specification and conformance library
Spec is a clojure.spec inspired library for validating data and functions against a specification.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Episode 56: From Elixir to Erlang w/ Martin Gausby Podcast

Austin Elixir: GraphQL and Absinthe Video

Live Like a Hippy - First StLouis Elixir Meetup Meetup

Developing a learn Elixir workshop Meetup

The Actor Model: The Object Awakens Talk slides

A simpler way to generate an incrementing version for Elixir apps Blog post

Phoenix Dynamic Forms with Semantic UI & Slim-lang Blog post

Simplifying Elixir Releases with Edeliver Blog post

Phoenix Query Params to Ecto Queries Blog post

Unit Testing Higher Order Functions in Elixir Blog post

Debugging incoming requests in a Phoenix router Blog post

Setting up Elixir cluster using Docker and Rancher Blog post

Create a riak_core application in Elixir - Part 2 Blog post

Upgrade Releases with Distillery Blog post

Bottling Elixir with Docker - Part 1 Blog post

Timelier v0.9.1 Project update

Paddle - A high-level LDAP library Project update

Expat: Composable, reusable pattern matching Project update

OK 1.3.0: Added `with` special form for `:ok/:error` tuples Project update

Markright: Customizable markdown-like formatter on steroids Project update

Becoming an OAuth2 Provider and Protecting Resources using Phoenix Framework and Shield Project update

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