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This week in Elixir

Using mix Aliases to Improve Your Workflow
German wrote a bit about using mix aliases to improve your workflow. Very helpful!

An Opinionated Elixir Style Guide
Nice post by Kamil on how to format, structure and keep your Elixir code consistent.

Using Ecto Changesets for JSON API Request Parameter Validation
Martin wrote this post on how to use Ecto.Changeset beyond the database context, and use it for API request parameter validation and translatable error messages as well.

Build Simple Reusable Widgets Using Slots
Mark posted this about getting started with slots, a new feature in LiveView which can help make your components more composable and reusable.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Outlaws: Sock It to Me, Ecto Podcast

Thinking Elixir: Reducing the Friction in Your Flow Podcast

Thinking Elixir: Phoenix Debug Toolbar and LiveView Forms with Michael Crumm Podcast

What Is: Phoenix LiveView Video

Elixir Meetup | Curiosum Meetup

The Big Elixir 2022 Blog post

Creating Your Own Ueberauth Strategy Blog post

Deploying Elixir: Creating Your Own Elixir Package Blog post

Benchee 1.1.0 Released + why did It Take so Long Blog post

Ecto Changeset for Verifying Parameters Used in Your api Blog post

Server & Client Side Forms Validations With [elixir, Phoenix, LiveView and Tailwind CSS | No Javascript] Blog post

TreyE/json_stream_encoder: Streaming Encoder for JSON in Elixir. Project update

Sztheory/real-world-phoenix: Real World Phoenix Apps and Their Open Source Codebases for Developers to Learn From Project update

talk2MeGooseman/ueberauth_patreon Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
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