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This week in Elixir

Keeping Up with the Fans: Scaling for Big Events at Whatnot, with Elixir and Phoenix
This blog post details how the engineering team at Whatnot measured the capacity limits of the Elixir/Phoenix system powering Whatnot Live auctions, and the tricks they used to make sure it handles an unusual spike in traffic.

Devs For Ukraine
This is a small remote conference to raise funds for Ukraine. The lineup features notable Elixir speakers and others. The goal is to raise money which will be distributed to several NGOs benefitting Ukraine.

Elixir’s Best Practices: Achieve Secure Authentication
This article goes through the different vulnerabilities you may encounter with your authentication strategies and show you how to prevent them.

Elixir Test Setup in VSCode
A short blog post by Austin on how to setup elixir testing tasks and keybindings in VSCode.

Finitomata :: The Proper FSM for Elixir
The most important thing Aleksei wanted to automate would be the FSM pure description itself as well as OTP boilerplate.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Thinking Elixir: Preventing Service Abuse with Michael Lubas Podcast

Elixir em Foco: Past, Present, and Future About Surface with Marlus Saraiva Video

Exploring Options for Storing Custom Data in Ecto Blog post

Mocking External Dependencies in Elixir Blog post

Paginate with Ecto Blog post

This Week I Learned: Monitoring and Observability with Prometheus, Grafana, and fly.io Blog post

Doctest Functions with Side Effects Blog post

Function/Variable Ambiguity in Elixir Blog post

Am-kantox/finitomata: FSM Implementation Generated from PlantUML Textual Representation Project update

Recruitee/existence: Asynchronous Dependency Health Checks Library. Project update

tashirosota/ecto_cellar: 🍷store Changes to Your Models, for Auditing or Versioning. Project update

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