Issue #30: Comparing Go and Elixir

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Comparing Go and Elixir
This post compares Go and Elixir by taking a look at their backgrounds, their programming styles and how they deal with concurrency.

Configuring NGINX for Phoenix applications
Using NGINX as a front-end proxy for web applications is a pretty standard setup. There are some things to keep in mind concerning Phoenix, SSL, and asset delivery and this article sums up the details.

Deploying Phoenix Apps for Rails developers: Part 2
In this post Alex shows us how to deploy an upgrade to a distillery release and use Erlang’s hot code upgrades.

Create a riak_core application in Elixir: Part 2
This is the second part on how to implement a distributed and fault- tolerance application with riak_core and Elixir.

Mocks and side effects
This post describes a pattern for implementing code with side effects in a testable way in Elixir.

Playing with Pipes
A look at how pipes can work with things like the if function. Do not try this at home!

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