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This week in Elixir

Why I Think the dot is not a Problem in Elixir
Why Adolfo thinks the dot is not a problem in Elixir. Do you agree?

Introducing Explorer
With the hex release of Explorer, Christopher took the time to write a blog post about how and why it came to be.

Parser for Markdown Family
Aleksei released Md, a library to parse markdown and markdown-like syntaxes.

Developing a Feature for Elixir-ls
Manos recently contributed a tiny new feature to elixir-ls and documented how he went about doing it.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Wizards: Cassidy Williams and Tobi Pfeiffer on Elixir Programming at Remote Podcast

Ship it!: From Kubernetes to PaaS - now What? with Mark Ericksen Podcast

Thinking Elixir: Avro and Elixir with Dave Lucia Podcast

The Big Elixir 2022 - Learning Real-Time Concepts For An Open-source Application - Herminio Torres Video

The Big Elixir 2022 - Building LiveView From Scratch - Ignacio Aguirrezabal Video

The Big Elixir 2022 - Automated Browser Testing for LiveView Using Wallaby - Britton Broderick Video

Git History with Elixir Blog post

Adding E2E Tests to an Elixir Library Blog post

How to Deal with DBConnection.ConnectionError? Blog post

Using ExUnit's `start_supervised/2` for Better Cleanup Blog post

Is a $100,000 Annual Salary for Developers Living in Brazil Possible? Blog post

Finitomata :: First Class Documentation Blog post

Cmdarek Blog post

"Deploying Elixir: Advanced Topics" Ebook Blog post

TDD with Livebook Blog post

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