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This week in Elixir

Algebraic Data Types in Elixir
Discover the ins and outs of ADTs and their benefits for your Elixir app.

Code BEAM, Stockholm 2022
Lars wrote up his unique experience at Code BEAM in Stockholm this year.

🎉 Announcing the Paraxial.io Beta Launch! 🎉
Paraxial.io helps you protect your Elixir/Phoenix application from bots attempting automated logins, scraping, and disruption of service.

Boost Your Test Coverage with Elixir
In this article, Christian shows us how to build the appropriate tooling to track and measure our test coverage (and hopefully improve it).

Simple Dependency Injection in ExUnit
Kamil presents some smart testing strategies for Elixir using the Dependency Injection design pattern.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Thinking Elixir: Replicating SQLite Using Litestream with Ben Johnson Podcast

Elixir Wizards: Jessica Kerr on Systems Thinking for Developers Podcast

Elixir Roundtable: Unreliable Dirt Ox Podcast

Showing how to use LiveView with Nerves Video

Elixir, Kubernetes, and Minikube Video

Using IO.puts and IO.inspect in ExUnit Tests | Curiosum Misc

Elixir Meetup | Curiosum Meetup

TIL: Temporary Data Folder Blog post

LiveView on Nerves Blog post

Using Ack To Search Elixir Code Blog post

How to get a Specific Number of Lines from a File Using Elixir Streams Blog post

Elixir is Taking Over! 5 Editions of Elixir Meetups by Curiosum are Behind us! Blog post

Read raw Request Body from Plug.Conn AfterParsers Blog post

Chaskiq/ex-marcel: Find the Mime Type of Files, Examining File, Filename and Declared Type Project update

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