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How LiveView got rid of Dangling Processes in Tests – and how we can do the Same
Before LiveView 0.13, testing LiveViews with database operations sometimes resulted in a big wall of red text. Then in LiveView 0.13 they were gone. I always wondered how that was fixed. I finally took a deep dive to find out.

Lazy Sequences in Elixir and Erlang
In the article, Ilya demonstrates and compares standard primitives for working with lazy sequences in Elixir and Erlang. While the Elixir ones seem pretty well known, the ones from Erlang seem a bit underrated.

A Guide to Phoenix LiveView Assigns
Let’s demistify LiveView assigns and see how they work in practice.

Dealing with Idempotence in Elixir Projects with the Ecto Sandbox: Benefits and Points to Consider
In this article, the QA team at Welcome to the Jungle focusses on the benefits of the Ecto Sandbox as well as the things to look out for from a QA perspective.

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