Issue #31: Bleacher Report, Elm and Playing the Game of Life

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This week in Elixir

How Elixir helped Bleacher Report handle 8x more traffic
This post describes how Bleacher Report has gone from needing 150 servers to just five - thanks to its decision to move from Ruby on Rails monolith to Elixir Phoenix.

Raxx: A pure interface for webservers
Raxx is an complimentary alternative to Plug that focuses on the simplest way to transform HTTP requests to HTTP responses.

Phoenix and Elm, a real use case - Part 1
The first part of a series about creating a very simple SPA with Phoenix and Elm.

Playing the Game of Life with Elixir Processes
Check out how one can use Elixir processes, supervision trees, and the new Registry module to build a back-end for Conway’s Game of Life.

Deploying Phoenix Apps with Docker
Detailed walkthrough of how to put your Phoenix App into a minimal Docker image and run it in a container.

Broken Links - A phoenix app - Part 1
This is a 5 part screencast on how to build Elixir applications using Phoenix (see below for the other parts).

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