Issue #32: Monitoring Tools, Command Line Animations and a Slack Bot

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This week in Elixir

A tour of Elixir performance & monitoring tools
You’re diving into Elixir and are getting close to releasing your first production Elixir app. This post shows you how to profile and monitor it.

Command Line Loading Animations
60+ Loading Animation Spins which might prove useful for developing the Command Line Applications.

From Rails to Elixir and Phoenix: 3 Day Workshop in Berlin
Get up to speed with Elixir and Phoenix and learn how to build high-performance web apps easier than ever.

Phoenix and Elm, a real use case - Part 2
Here’s part two of this new series on Phoenix and Elm. This time it covers rendering the initial contact list.

Why we built a Slackbot with Elixir and Phoenix
Niall wrote a not-too-technical tech post about his company's slack bot, which they built using Elixir & Phoenix.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Fountain w/ Carl Hewitt Podcast

New Meetup at Buenos Aires Meetup

TIL: Compute md5 Hash Of A String Misc

Elixir fishy code lines and snippets #1 Misc

Intro to Elixir Video Video

11 Tricky Elixir Code lines of Snippets Video

Creating a Versioned API with Phoenix Video

Elixir Package Building Tutorial - LeaseWeb Part 1 Video

Elixir Package Building Tutorial - LeaseWeb Part 2 Video

Elixir Package Building Tutorial - LeaseWeb Part 3 Video

Elixir Package Building Tutorial - LeaseWeb Part 4 Video

Elixir Package Building Tutorial - LeaseWeb Part 5 Video

Ruby/Rails vs. Elixir/Phoenix Blog post

Build Your Own Code Poster with Elixir Blog post

My musings on Elixir - an wonderful programming language Blog post

Dealing with the couple Phoenix & Brunch Blog post

How to use MongoDb with Phoenix and Ecto 2 Blog post

Solving Sudoku with Elixir Blog post

Error handling in Elixir libraries Blog post

Email Tracking Pixel in Elixir Phoenix Blog post

Elixir deployments on AWS Blog post

Live Example GenServer and GenServer Testing Blog post

Building A Slack Bot in Elixir Part 2 Blog post

Getting started with the DNSimple API in Elixir Blog post

Phoenix HTML Mailer Blog post

wobserver - Web based metrics, monitoring, and observer Project update

Elixir API Leaseweb Infrastructure Project update

Zippy v0.0.1 Released! Project update

Breaker, a circuit breaker for HTTP requests to external services Project update

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