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This week in Elixir

Efficient Name Search with Postgres and Ecto
How can you efficiently search through millions of usernames using Ecto? Peter's blog post takes a deep-dive into Postgres’ ILIKE and SIMILARITY operators and their dangerous caveats.

Building Embedded Systems in the Modern Era
Is your company starting an embedded systems project? Amos thinks you should consider Elixir as your platform of choice, and share this with your team.

Parser Combinators in Elixir: Taming Semi-Structured Text
The fine folks at AppSignal are exploring how parser combinators work in Elixir.

Ash Framework 2.0
Zach wrote an update about Version 2 of the Ash Framework on the Elixir Forums!

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Wizards: Tyler Young on Geo Mapping at Felt Podcast

Thinking Elixir: Self Taught Coder to First Elixir Job Podcast

LiveViewJS is the Anti-SPA Library for Reactive app Development in NodeJS and Deno Video

Elixir Meetup #10 ▶ Joshua Plicque ▶ VIDEO Video

Probuild Ex Part Four Blog post

Efficient Bidirectional Infinite Scroll in Phoenix LiveView Blog post

Phoenix LiveView 0.18: New Special HTML Attributes Blog post

What's new in Livebook 0.7 Blog post

Axon.Serving: Model Serving with Axon and Elixir Blog post

Everything you Need to Know About Phoenix Framework 1.7 Blog post

Purity Injection in Elixir Blog post

sascha-wolf/ex_union: Tagged Unions for Elixir. Just That. Project update

Geolessel/react-phoenix Project update

parser_builder Project update

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