Issue #34: Deep Learning, Decorating Elixir and Plug Vulnerabilities

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This week in Elixir

Deep Learning with Elixir Step by Step
This post explains how Quentin created a Multi-Layered Neural Network with Elixir and shows how it can be trained to reach a goal.

Searching, Sorting and Pagination in Ecto & Phoenix
Rummage.Ecto and Rummage.Phoenix provide ways to perform Searching, Sorting and Pagination over Ecto queries and Phoenix collections.

Application Monitoring for Elixir applications by AppSignal
The fine folks at AppSignal have been building this for a while. You can use their service to catch errors, track performance and monitor your hosts.

10 Killer Elixir Tips #2
This is part 2 of last week's "10 Killer Elixir Tips".

Decorating Elixir
Read about Decoratex, a library that allows to easily decorate virtual fields in Ecto models.

Plug vulnerabilities: impact assessment
Bram's assessment of the two vulnerabilities recently found (and fixed) in Plug and why he thinks that most users are not going to be impacted.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Code School's Free 'Try Elixir' Course Misc

New Pluralsight Course: Getting Started With Phoenix Misc

Lonestar ElixirConf 2017- Keynote by Chris McCord Video

Fast Import and Export with Elixir and Postgrex Video

Building & Publishing Elixir Package from scratch Video

Enjoyable XML parsing with Elixir and SweetXml Video

Focus - lightweight, pure Elixir lenses Blog post

My Favorite Pattern Revisited Blog post

Create an Elixir web app using Cowboy Blog post

Write your own Sigils - Elixir Blog post

Why Elixir Blog post

Mix Task Creation in Elixir Project Blog post

A different approach to elixir test doubles Blog post

Erlang : : From WhatsApp To Outerspace Blog post

End-to-end Testing in Elixir with Hound Blog post

Phoenix as a TLS test server Blog post

Calculate Execution Time of Your Functions Blog post

Railway Oriented Programming in Elixir with Pattern Matching on Function Level and Pipelining Blog post

Provide up-to-date information in an email sent hours ago with Elixir/Phoenix Blog post

Rebuilding Phoenix Project update

Domainatrex: properly parse TLDs/Domains in Elixir Project update

ExStub provides an easy way to stub a module and record the function calls executed on it. Project update

Flowex 0.2.0 with 'cast' and 'error_pipe' Project update

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