Issue #35: ElixirDaze, Phoenix 1.3 and Understanding Elixir's Type System

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This week in Elixir

Personal notes about Elixir Daze 2017
Pedro's very well written notes about Elixir Daze 2017 with a summary of all the talks and some slides.

ElixirDaze 2018 - Super Ultra Early Bird Tickets
ElixirDaze is just over and the organizers are already planning next year's craziness. Here you can get the super early bird tickets!

action_fallback and contexts in Phoenix 1.3
Learn how much cleaner Oscar's code got, now that he's using Phoenix 1.3's contexts and action_fallback.

Elixir - 3 reasons why you should be using it
LittleAlchemist.io - a new blog, debuting with 3 good reasons to use Elixir.

Understanding Elixir's Gradual Type System
Barry tries to explain the parts of Elixir’s type system that initially confuse everyone.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Last week with Super Early Bird tickets for E&EFLBA 2017 Conference

ElixirFountain w/ Chad Fowler Podcast

José Valim - Cognicast Episode 120 Podcast

Videos from Elixir Munich's February meetup Video

Avoiding race conditions in GenServer Blog post

Request-Response Life-Cycle in Phoenix Blog post

Elixir State Management: Agent or GenServer? Blog post

Phoenix 1.3 is pure love for API development Blog post

Integrate Your Phoenix Application with Semantic UI and Webpack Blog post

Second Bors-NG nightly newsletter Blog post

Mocking in Elixir on a per-instance basis Blog post

Making a Mailing Microservice with Elixir and RabbitMQ Blog post

Phoenix and Elm, a real use case (pt. 4) Blog post

What happens when you compare complex data types? Blog post

Setup of Searching, Sorting and Pagination using Rummage Blog post

Writing Custom Validations for Ecto Changesets Blog post

Support for Phoenix on Elixir Blog post

My first hex package Project update

Fight Poverty & Hunger w/ Elixir/Phoenix! Project update

Trans 1.1.0 - Embedded translations for Elixir Project update

The engine adding the prerender hint to pages Project update

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