Issue #36: Different kinds of promises, a 10K LOC Phoenix app and Elixir vs. F#

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This week in Elixir

Elixir - different kind of promises
This is a great article about what kind of promises Elixir makes to developers and how they differ from the ones Ruby made a decade ago.

Elixir Deep Dive: Evercam, a 10K LOC Phoenix app
ConCache, HTTPoison, Quantum, Supervisors, and more: a dive into interesting patterns used in an open-source Phoenix app.

Common Pitfalls in Elixir coding
A blog post on Common Elixir coding pitfalls to save newbies from falling into these pits.

Elixir: Thoughts on the `with` Statement
Some thoughts, praise and reflection on the downsides of the `with` statement.

Elixir vs F# – opinionated syntax comparison
A very interesting introspection of Elixir and F#, comparing the two language regarding Immutability, Pattern Matching and other aspects.

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Specifying The Phoenix Server Port Misc

4th Elixir Lang Moscow meetup Meetup

Elixir and money by Tomasz Video

Creating Memorable URLs with Phoenix - ElixirCasts.io Video

Implementing a Naive Enum for Lists in Elixir Video

Bootstrapping API project with Phoenix 1.3 Blog post

Export data to XLSX with Phoenix 1.2 Blog post

Customise your Phoenix HTML Generator Blog post

Bootstrap 4 & Bootswatch 4 with Phoenix 1.3 rc0 Blog post

Elixir Conditionals with Function Signatures Blog post

Setting up Phoenix with Webpack 2 and Bootstrap 4 Blog post

Phoenix and Elm, a real use case (pt. 5) Blog post

Polymorphism in Elixir Blog post

10 Killer Elixir Tips #3 Blog post

How I learned Elixir Blog post

Logger statsd backend to show errors on Graphite/Grafana Project update

Cachex v2.1.0: Now with disk persistance Project update

DiffList: Difference lists in Elixir Project update

html_to_image Project update

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