Issue #37: Why choosing Elixir to build a startup was both a terrible and an awesome decision

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This week in Elixir

Small data with Elixir
José explains what small data is, why it matters how to use Flow for data computations, data partitioning and windowing.

To Hell and Back: Why choosing Elixir to build a startup was both a terrible and an awesome decision
These are the slides of a talk about building a chatbot and an e-commerce startup with 30k+ lines of Elixir and Phoenix code.

From Rails to Elixir & Phoenix Workshop
Register now to learn how to build web apps of a new era with simplabs and Mike North.

text_delta - Operational Transformation library
This new library provides a baseline for Operational Transformation of rich text using Deltas.

Understanding Elixir Pattern Matching
Learn how the equal sign works differently in Elixir and how Pattern Matching makes your code more efficient and readable.

Titled URL Slugs in Phoenix
Learn how to use 'titled slugs' in your Phoenix site.

Scribe v0.4.0 Released
View tables of structs directly from IEx — great for Ecto queries and other large collections — now with pagination!

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Inspect with Label Misc

Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix Book

ElixirFountain w/ Jesse J. Anderson Podcast

Elixir Tutorial Part 5 (Plug and Cowboy) Video

ElixirDaze 2017- Solid Ground by Saša Juric Video

Baltimore Elixir and Erlang meetup Meetup

Tuple Types in Erlang and Elixir Blog post

Dockerizing a Phoenix Application Blog post

This Number Rocks, Rocking Out with Elixir Lang Blog post

The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: January 2017 Blog post

Leverage Swoosh + EEx to send plain-text emails Blog post

Elixir/Phoenix Mix Tip #1: mix deps.unlock Blog post

Dealing with legacy databases in Ecto Blog post

Distributed Elixir on … Heroku? Blog post

Adding new routes in Phoenix Blog post

Credo v0.7.1 released Project update

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