Issue #38: Why Michał stayed with Elixir and how to use Ecto Custom Types

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This week in Elixir

Why I Stayed With Elixir
Michał from the Ecto core team explains why he never moved on from Elixir.

An Intro to Elixir Functions on ElixirCasts.io
Ready to learn Elixir? Our latest episode is a great place to start.

A lot of piping involved
Let’s learn how to use the pipe operator with a real world example and instructions how to debug it.

Develop data driven SPAs with Elixir, Cowboy and React
This is an example application built from scratch that shows how to use Elixir, Cowboy and Ecto in conjunction with React, Redux and Redux Saga to create data driven Single Page Applications.

Form Objects in Elixir
Form *Objects* in Elixir? It’s a functional language, isn’t it? This post examines if we can leverage Elixir to mimic the Form Object pattern!

Ecto Custom Types - a practical case with enumerize (Rails gem)
How to read and write an enumerized field from a Rails application DB with an Ecto custom type.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixirocks Conference @ Denver CO Nov 9-10 2017 Conference

Elixir - The Access module and nils Gist

ElixirFountain w/ Saša Jurić Podcast

Implementing a Naive Enum for Lists in Elixir - Part 2 Video

Billions of Events Per Day with Elixir - Danni Friedland Video

Instrumenting the World with the BEAM - Christopher Cote Video

Realtime Data Pipelines with Elixir GenStage - Peter Hastie Video

How to Design a Software Library - Andrea Leopardi Video

Building Devices with Elixir Erlang using Nerves - Justin Schneck Video

Elm and Phoenix Two FP Flavors That Taste Great Together - Josh Adams Video

Why I love Elixir Blog post

TIL: The Registry is back Blog post

TIL: Using functions as keys with update_in Blog post

ETag tracking and Elixir Blog post

How to Test Shared Behavior in Elixir Blog post

Difference between views and templates in Phoenix Blog post

Recursive decoders on Elm to manage server side validation errors Blog post

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