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Elevate Your Elixir With Sigils
Andrés writes about adding support for real-valued intervals implementing the Enumerable Protocol in Elixir.

Do not run mix test || mix test --failed
Angelika knows: Flaky tests are the worst. But one way to handle them doesn't work.

Tail-Recursive & Body-Recursive Function Performance Across Elixir & BEAM versions – what’s the impact of the JIT?
Tobi delivers this thorough analysis across Elixir & Erlang versions from 1.6 @ OTP 21 up to 1.16 @ OTP 26. How much faster have we gotten? What was the impact of the JIT?

How to Create a Github-like References to Your Database Records with a Liveview Hook
As Jason was finishing his Tekken related application, he played around with Phoenix Liveview hook to reference database records in a text field whenever a # is typed.

Even more from around the Elixir community

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Managing Elixir's Main Branch with Asdf Blog post

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