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This week in Elixir

The Pursuit of Instant Pushes
Aleksei tells the story of why his company needed a new push system, the migration path from the legacy system and how it operates today.

Collision - A library for collision detection
In this introductory blog post, Travis shows us how to detect collisions for polygons using Elixir.

Passwordless login with Phoenix
Login and password is not the only alternative for authentication. This post shows a simple implementation for passwordless login using Phoenix.

Is Phoenix deployment really that hard?
How much does the Erlang's great but unexplored hot code reloading complicate the deployment as we know it?

User Presence Expiration With Elixir and Redis
The engineers of Canvas show us how they solved a particularly tricky problem in their user presence feature before Phoenix.Presence existed.

Building Phoenix Battleship (part 4)
By this point, this is a community classic. Part 4 of the series which covers placing ships on the board's grid.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Fountain with Benjamin Tan Podcast

Indy Elixir First (Virtual) Meetup! Video

I don't understand Changesets Blog post

Run Length Encoding in Elixir Blog post

Elixir application in Docker container Blog post

Deploying a Simple Web App to Heroku (part 3) Blog post

Building an Elixir Release into Docker using GitLab CI Blog post

Family Ties: Part 10 - Types and records in Erlang and Elixir Blog post

Manage your Beanstalk repositories with Elixir Project update

Flippant - Fast feature toggling backed by Redis Project update

phoenix_integration v0.1.0 brings lightweight integration tests Project update

Coherence v0.2.0 gets IP & token authentication plus more Project update

Trans - Embedded translations for Elixir Project update

Bamboo SMTP Adapter v1.2.0 Project update

ESpec.Phoenix is redesigned! Project update

WPool v2.1.0 released Project update

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