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This week in Elixir

Keynote: Gang of None? Design Patterns in Elixir - José Valim
Must-watch video from ElixirConf EU 2024! Saša put it best: "we're used to high quality talks from José, but this one exceeds the expectations".

ExUnit's --seed surprising behavior! 😲
If asked what ExUnit’s --seed option does, you’d probably say “randomize the order of tests”, right? And that’s correct. But it turns out it does more!

blend: Test Your Package Against Different Versions of its Dependencies
The team at Mimiquate developed a new hex package that solves the problem of testing your library against different version of its dependencies.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Thinking Elixir News Podcast

Petal Components and Phoenix 1.7 Video

An Interview with Herminio Torres at Code BEAM America 2022 Video

Erlang Workshop, Erlang, and OTP with Kiko Fernandez-Reyes Video

Nerves Online Meetup Meetup

Phoenix LiveView 1.0-rc is here! Blog post

What I Mean when I say that Machine Learning in Elixir is Production-ready Blog post

How to Serve Multiple Domains in a Single Phoenix App Blog post

Simple OBS Client in Elixir Blog post

Fine-Tuning AI Models for Extractive Question Answering in Elixir Blog post

Valian/live_vue: End-to-end reactivity for Phoenix LiveView and Vue Project update

Alexocode/babel: Data Transformations Made Easy Project update

State of the Nerves Nation 2024 Project update

Sportradar/elixir-workspace: Set of Tools for Working with Elixir Monorepos Project update

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