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This week in Elixir

Developing for Alexa using Elixir
The folks at LessEverything wrote an Alexa Skill in Elixir for their own personal use. Here's what they learned in the process.

How Pattern Matching works in Elixir
Pattern Matching is one of the fundamental concepts that we need to master while learning Elixir.

Introducing Weave for Elixir
Weave provides runtime configuration. This becomes relevant when you produce an artifact (like a docker image) that will be deployed to multiple environments, where the configuration is different for each.

Phoenix Presence for Social Networks
How do you track the connection state of multiple users in a social network, where we require scalability and user privacy and where each user's social network is different from the others?

A Module By Any Other Name: Aliases in Elixir
Modules provide a way for us to organize our code and we can alias modules. But when we use aliases, then what are they an alias for?

Documentation as Tests
Rohan describes how you can make your documentation also be the unit tests for your functions.

Multi-Language Flowex Components
This post shows how to use flow-based programming and Erlang ports to connect Ruby, Python and Shell based components in an Elixir application.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Inspecting The Process Message Queue Misc

Elixir vs. Ruby Panel at wroc_love.rb 2017 Video

An Introduction to GenServer Video

ElixirConf.EU 2017 Conference

Introducing Trans 2.0 Blog post

Unauthorized Erlang? Blog post

Learn Elixir with a Rubyist, episode V Blog post

Deploying a Phoenix 1.3 Umbrella app to Heroku Blog post

Using Apollo Client with Elixir's Absinthe Blog post

Getting Comprehensive with Comprehensions Blog post

Hub: Pub-sub subscriptions with pattern matching Blog post

Deploying Elixir Modules at Different Nodes Blog post

Calling an external API from Phoenix app Blog post

Create a riak_core application in Elixir (Part 4) Blog post

Elixir Testing - Running only specific tests Blog post

Phoenix Presence for social networks Blog post

Embrace the Database with Ecto Blog post

Who Needs Lodash When You Have Elixir? Blog post

10 Killer Elixir Tips #4 Blog post

Storing any Elixir data in Postgres (don't try this at home) Blog post

Credo v0.7.3 released Project update

hunter v0.4.0 released Project update

IntelliJ Elixir v5.0.0 released Project update

LHeap: Leftist heaps in Elixir Project update

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