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This week in Elixir

An Elixir Project Generator
Dave Thomas had a ritual when creating new Elixir projects, which he turned into this project generator.

Youtube Channel LittleAlchemist.io says Hello World!
LittleAlchemist.io is launching their Elixir Youtube channel, and what better way to start than a Hello World tutorial?

Video Games with Elixir: discovering new lands in the BEAM realm
After working for almost a year on it, Paul writes about the differences between using Elixir for a typical REST API and to develop a video game backend.

Building a City Search with Elixir and Python
In this “let’s-combine-languages” experiment Paul shows how to build a file-based fulltext search index for cities using Elixir and Python.

Hype Driven Development
This meta-post by Marik is not directly targeted at Elixir, but well worth a read (and Elixir gets mentioned after all).

Using GenStage for a Batching Pipeline
GenStage provides a toolset to create powerful processing pipelines in Elixir, which also powers Crimson Aegis' batch processing of Slack messages.

How to use Elixir’s GenStage.Flow for image resizing
Image resizing is an important but of neglected feature for many websites. Let's see how GenStage.Flow can help change that.

Use `credo` in Git `pre-commit` Hooks
Alexei shows us how to integrate Credo with Git, so that our code is analysed before it is committed.

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Console Helper Misc

TIL: Traversing an AST Misc

Building the Montreal Elixir Community Video

Collections in Elixir Video

OTP, Concurrency and Testing Strategies Video

From Zero to Hero in Elixir #2 - IEx and Basic Types Video

Elixir Tutorial Video

ElixirConf.EU 2017 Conference

Learning Concurrency with Elixir Processes Blog post

Developing an Amazon Alexa app using Elixir (Part 2) Blog post

When to use processes in Elixir (Part 1) Blog post

4 Helpful Tips for Elixir Noobs Blog post

My first 5 Elixir D’ohs Blog post

Deploying Kitto with resin.io Blog post

Thinking in Ecto - schemas and changesets Blog post

Sending notifications in Elixir with Ravenx Blog post

Passwordless Authentication with Phoenix Tokens Blog post

Something Useless - Redux Implemented in Elixir Blog post

The building blocks of a Poker application Blog post

Dry Test Setup with ExUnit.CaseTemplate Blog post

Take ownership of your data Blog post

You Should Learn Functional Programming in 2017 Blog post

Doing math in Elixir – calculating Great Circle Distance Blog post

5 Elixir highlights from Erlang & Elixir Factory 2017 Blog post

Sending notifications in Elixir with Ravenx Blog post

Introducing ReactPhoenix - a package to render React.js in Phoenix Project update

Alchemist.vim 2.7.0 Project update

plymio_enum v0.1.0 Project update

Announcing PlugEtsCache v0.1.0 Project update

GrovePi v0.3.0 released Project update

plymio_ast v0.2.0 Project update

WebSockex 0.1.2 Project update

Peselx 0.2.1 Project update

harnais v0.2.0 Project update

ExtRun 0.1.1 Project update

docsh - Erlang Docs in the Shell Project update

IntelliJ Elixir v5.1.0 Project update

Library for handling binaries in Elixir Project update

benchee 0.7, benchee_html 0.2, benchee_json 0.2 Project update

Absinthe v1.3.0 out! Project update

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