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This week in Elixir

Elixir 2D rendering
Want to draw some shapes with Elixir? Vivid supports drawing and manipulating a number of basic 2D primitives (with PNG support).

Using an Elixir Umbrella
While not every application has to be an umbrella app, we will likely see more of these in the future. Georgina has a great write-up about the why, how and when.

Que - Elixir Job Processing with Mnesia
Que is a simple background job processing library backed by Mnesia, which means it works without any external dependencies such as Redis.

FunWithFlags: a feature toggle library for Elixir with web GUI
FunWithFlags is a feature toggle library for Elixir with support for global state, groups and actors. v0.7.1 was released and there is also an optional web GUI available as a Plug for Phoenix.

Scout: Elixir Application Monitoring
The folks at Scout have released a beta version of their Elixir app monitoring library. Scout instruments Phoenix (controllers, views, and templates) + Ecto, and has support for custom instrumentation.

Registering a domain from Elixir
This is a step by step guide to successfully register a domain name using Elixir and DNSimple.

Intro for The Pragmatic Studio Elixir course is up
The Pragmatic Studio will release the first batch of videos next week!

Passwordless Authentication with Phoenix Tokens
This article explores passwordless authentication and how to use Phoenix Tokens to implement it in your Elixir application!

Even more from around the Elixir community

Custom Error Pages with Phoenix Video

Elixir, Ansible and Credo Blog post

Elixir, Ecto, embeds_many Blog post

Background Jobs in Elixir & Phoenix Blog post

How to Redirect from the Phoenix Router Blog post

Phoenix Application Deployment with Nanobox Blog post

Setting up Gitlab CI for Elixir/Phoenix on your VPS Blog post

ExDash: Internal Elixir docs integrated with Dash Blog post

React-Redux and Erlang — A Simple analogy Blog post

Phoenix with image upload to S3 in an API Blog post

Elixir Basics: Looping and Recursion Blog post

Elm + Phoenix 1.3 + Webpack minimum example Project update

Focus v0.3.0 Project update

Tabula - Pretty printer for maps/structs collections Project update

publish_plus - an opinionated package publisher for Elixir Project update

elixir-style-refcard - inspired by @lexmag's styleguide Project update

Setting up HTTPS for Raxx applications Project update

Solving FizzBuzz without if in Elixir Project update

elmchemy - Elm to Elixir compiler Project update

FakerElixir - FakerElixir generates fake data for you. Project update

elixir-oh-my-zsh - with new Credo aliases Project update

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