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This week in Elixir

Pour, eh, deploy Elixir applications with carafe!
Thomas created a tool for deploying Elixir applications, built upon Capistrano, Edeliver and Distillery.

Puting Contexts in Context
Michał explores the recent changes around Phoenix 1.3, especially the introduction of contexts.

Elixir's Secret Weapon
Drew recently began using `with` in Elixir and describes how it completely transformed the way he builds his programs.

A free introduction to Elixir, OTP, Ecto, and Phoenix
DailyDrip produced five weeks of free content introducing people to Elixir and the basics of OTP, Ecto, and Phoenix.

Nested Modules and Auto-Aliasing in Elixir
If you use nested modules often, it's benefical to understand how Elixir compiles nested modules behind the scenes - it may work differently than you think!

GraphQL Authentication with Elixir and Absinthe
This guide walks you through the process of setting up an authentication system in your Absinthe-powered GraphQL backend.

Metaprogramming Without Macros
Ian shows his technique of metaprogramming without writing macros, just using quote and unquote, and functions from Code and Macro.

How does Elixir compile/execute code?
This is a short blog post by Ruby veteran Xavier on how Elixir works under the hood.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir.LDN 2017 - 17 Aug - London Conference

ElixirConf US - 5-8 Sep - Bellevue Conference

Elixir with Love Conf - 10 Nov - Providence Conference

Of Paris & Goats: Remotely Building a Tech Team Blog post

Elixir: Domain Driven Design with Actor Model Blog post

Take ownership of your data - Part 1 Blog post

Signed request query string with Elixir Blog post

Speed up data access in Elixir Blog post

Define module in Elixir with initial binding Blog post

Handling Streaming Data with Dependencies using Elixir Blog post

Testing HTTP requests in Elixir with ExVCR Blog post

Elixir atoms are everywhere Blog post

Why changes in Phoenix 1.3 are so important? Blog post

Elixir Phoenix Framework vs. Ruby on Rails Blog post

Supporting multiple event stores in Commanded using an adapter based approach for Elixir Blog post

Zuck, a Facebook API client Project update

Matryoshka, an image transformation reverse proxy Project update

GenMetrics - GenServer and GenStage runtime metrics Project update

A build utility that allows you to to use mix packages in an elixir script Project update

Sobelow 0.2.1 - Security-focused analysis for Phoenix Project update

alembic 3.3.0 released Project update

GPIO_RPI 0.2.0 released Project update

Cookie package released on hex Project update

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