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Issue #52 - One Year of ElixirWeekly

The Elixir community is growing and, while some would like to see an explosion in popularity akin to JavaScript, I really like to watch the steady but unstoppable progress we are achieving together.

All the tools are maturing, getting better, gaining focus and, while all the numbers are growing, the community is staying healthy and solving real problems in the real world using our favorite programming language.

Wow. It's been a whole year. Time has flown.

This week in Elixir

A Young Person’s Guide to Dialyzer
Mike likes his languages "strongly typed dynamic" since he likes the idea of type systems helping us think about our problem domain more deeply. Recently he's been looking into Elixir's integration of Erlang’s dialyzer tool.

Elmchemy Part 2 - Our own RPG character module
Imagine we are writing an amazingly innovative game and we want to use Elm for the frontend and the backend. Look no further than Elmchemy, which let's you write Elixir ... in Elm.

Delivering Billions of Messages Exactly Once
Read how Amir and his team built an entirely new de-duplication system to get as close as possible to exactly-once delivery.

[video] TDD Elixir command-line application with ExUnit
Hubert is building a simple command-line tool, and tests it along the way.

Create a riak_core application in Elixir (Part 5)
GPad (not sure if that's his/her real name) shows us how to manage a node crash in riak_core applications!

Flow-Based REST API with Flowex and Plug
Anton describes his way of building real-world applications following Railway-FBP application design using Flowex, including a which sheds some light on GenStage's performance impact.

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Recompiling and reloading modules/files in iex Misc

TIL: Module attribute constants nil in Elixir Misc

TIL: Require local package in mix.exs Misc

AmberCasts #3: TDD Elixir command-line application with ExUnit Video

How Fast is Elixir 1.5? Video

Head of the Erlang/OTP Team Talks About His Wish List for Erlang/OTP Video

ElixirConf US - 5-8 Sep - Bellevue Conference

Elixir.LDN 2017 - 17 Aug - London Conference

“Messages overwhelming” Blog post

Simple Phoenix Text Inputs with Formulator Blog post

genserver contention and what to do about it Blog post

Comfortable learning curve for learning Elixir - Part 1 Blog post

Useful modules for any react-native application (iOS/Android) Blog post

Conserving channel instance assigned state between crashes Blog post

The resurgence of functional programming Blog post

Why program? Why elixir? Blog post

Types of Pattern Matching in Elixir Blog post

How to write code smarter with ELIXIR and PHOENIX Framework Blog post

Quick & Easy TCP GenServer with Elixir and Erlang Blog post

Xandra v0.7 - Cassandra driver adds authentication support Project update

focus v0.3.1 - Lightweight, pure Elixir lenses Project update

ex_gtin - Elixir GTIN Validation Library Project update

recaptcha - reCAPTCHA in Elixir applications Project update

Elixir library to inflect Russian first, last, and middle names Project update

ElixirRetry - macros for linear retry, exponential backoff and wait with composable delays Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
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