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Splitting APIs, Servers, and Implementations in Elixir
Dave thinks the conventional way of structuring Elixir code could be improved by paying more attention to decoupling.

Using Ranch with Elixir
Eric couldn’t find a nice example of using Ranch with GenServer in Elixir so he made one.

Writing a HTTP API Client in Elixir
Oli created an Elixir Client for the Noun Project API and wrote this post, showing how to abstract and refactor things.

Razor - an opinionated Phoenix app generator
Razor is an opinionated Phoenix app skeleton generator created by Carbon Five. If you like what’s in the box, give it a spin!

Drab 0.5.0 released
Drab, a library which gives you access to the user interface from the server side, introduces living assigns in Phoenix templates.

Cheating at Railway Oriented Programming in Elixir
Rob shows us how to use the with statement to "cheat" at Railway Oriented Programming in Elixir.

My New Favorite Elixir Testing Trick
This is an interesting way to use OTP to test your interactions with the scary world outside your application (and it’s Devon's new favorite testing trick)!

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Terminate incomplete expression in IEx Misc

ElixirFountain w/ Chris Bell Podcast

Building a webserver in Elixir Video

Let's Get Functional With Elixir! Video

Elixir.LDN 2017 - 17 Aug - London Conference

ElixirConf US - 5-8 Sep - Bellevue Conference

Keeping Elixir Packages Updated Blog post

Supervisors and workers in 10 minutes Blog post

Recurring Tasks in Elixir Blog post

Rails Web-Scale is Expensive Blog post

How to configure and deploy an Elixir app to a VPS Blog post

Creating slugs for Ecto schemas Blog post

TIL about key-value pairs in Elixir Blog post

Benchmarking and profiling Elixir apps Blog post

5 Benefits of Immutable Objects Worth Considering Blog post

Phoenix Inside Out Series - Complete version now available Project update

Geo 2.0 Project update

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