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This week in Elixir

Elixir v1.5 released!
Elixir v1.5 integrates nicely with Erlang/OTP 20 and brings in changes which improve both the developer experience and the language's reach.

Alchemist.vim 2.8.0 security patch
This new version of Alchemist.vim includes a security patch and it’s important that you update the plugin ASAP.

Prototyping Vivaldi
This post shows an implementation of Vivaldi, a decentralized algorithm which predicts round trip times between nodes in a cluster by assigning co-ordinates to each node.

Empex 2017 Meetup Recap
Another Empex is behind us! Here is Andrew's small recap of the one-day soul filled New York City conference.

Performance Visualization for Elixir apps
An article about tools to add a graphical dimension to your performance measurements with charts, flame graphs and plotting.

How to use Elixir with Docker?
If you ever wondered whether you can run your Elixir application in a Docker container, wonder no more.

ElixirStatus is 2 years old!
Let's have a look at some stats for ElixirStatus and celebrate its second birthday!

Even more from around the Elixir community

ElixirFountain w/ Sandi Metz Podcast

New Channel: Exploring Elixir Video

Videos from #EFLBA2017 are online now Video

TIL: Setting breaks in IEx for debugging Misc

TIL: GenServer child_spec/1 in Elixir 1.5 Misc

TIL: When not to use apply for dynamically calling functions in Elixir Misc

TIL: Open your text editor with the migration file when you run mix ecto.gen.migration Misc

From Zero to Production Elixir in 1 Month Blog post

phoenix channels C# client Blog post

A Guide to Process-oriented Programming in Elixir and OTP Blog post

Event Bus Implementations with Elixir Blog post

Clustering your Elixir application on AWS inside an Auto Scaling Group Blog post

An alternative approach for sensitive file uploads Blog post

Choosing Elixir for the Code, not the Performance Blog post

Alphabet Project, Part 3 Blog post

Event Bus Library Project update

Tarearbol - handy task manager to retry/ensure tasks execution Project update

Guide to setting up HTTP/2.0 with Ace server Project update

ElixirMock: Inspectable mocks based on real elixir modules. Project update

Sobelow, the Phoenix vulnerability scanner - v0.4.1 Project update

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