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This week in Elixir

Phoenix 1.3.0 released!
There's not much to say about this one: Phoenix 1.3 is finally out of the release-candiate-phase and in the wild! Yay!

Lessons From Using Phoenix 1.3
David (no, not that one) really likes his Contexts in the new Phoenix 1.3 and shares his excitement!

The fallacies of web application performance
José knows that web app performance has always been a hot topic, especially with regards to frameworks. He explores some of the common fallacies.

Configuring Elixir Libraries
Michal wrote an article on the proper handling of configuration, regarding evaluation time, destillery and other aspects.

What is the Actor Model & When Should You Use it
Matt gives a nice introduction into the actor model and its use cases.

Anonymous Functions with Elixir
Anonymous functions are simply nameless functions. While named functions are a common thing, anonymous functions have their uses, especially in Elixir.

Writing a Telegram-bot in Elixir
It's what it says on the box: The fine folks at ManualsBrain created a Telegram bot in Elixir and share their findings.

A debug web toolbar for Phoenix projects to display all sorts of information about the current request. Looks really polished.

Lessons learned from a big Elixir refactoring
Devon covers some of the reasons why we refactor code, and shares his insights into what he learned, both specifically and in general about refactoring in Elixir.

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Enable history in IEX through Erlang (OTP 20) Misc

Joy of Elixir - a book Book

ElixirFountain w/ Eric Entin Podcast

Elixir.LDN 2017 - 17 Aug - London Conference

ElixirConf US - 5-8 Sep - Bellevue Conference

Rebuilding Kittysplit with Elixir and Phoenix Blog post

Alphabet Project, Part 5 Blog post

Bringing blockchain properties to the centralized government databases Blog post

Alternative approach for sensitive file uploads Blog post

Focusing on Programming Elixir Blog post

Adding Queuing to an Elixir Compute Farm Blog post

How to use Phoenix with Webpack + React + Redux Blog post

How learning Elixr made me better Ruby developer Blog post

Setting Up Continuous Integration for an Elixir Project Using Semaphore Blog post

Elixir with CircleCI Blog post

Continuous Integration with Semaphore Project update

Continuous Deployment of a Phoenix app to Heroku via Semaphore Project update

String.Naming :: fuzzy grapheme search by name Project update

hammer - An Elixir rate-limiter with pluggable backends Project update

ShorterMaps 2.2 released: ES6 map shorthand for Elixir Project update

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