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This week in Elixir

Reducing Elixir Backend Time from 120ms to 20ms with Parallelization
This blog post basically shows the importance of playing to Elixir's strengths.

What if Elixir were Homoiconic?
If you ever wondered what Elixir would look like if it were a homoiconic language, Pete breaks it down for you.

Latency of Native Functions for Erlang and Elixir
There are now several methods to integrate native functions with Erlang or Elixir code. Andrew explores these methods and measures latency from the perspective of the Erlang VM.

National Health Service on Elixir, React and Kubernetes
This is the second case study how Andrew and his team built the eHealth system for the NHS of Ukraine on Elixir, React and Kubernetes.

Elixir for the Little Things
You don’t have to have a big problem to use a great language. Elixir shines at the small stuff just as well.

From Zero to Production Elixir - Part 2
The fine folks at Onfido Tech focus on the code aspect and how they applied the umbrella apps concept when they got an Elixir application running in production in a month.

Time Zones in PostgreSQL, Elixir and Phoenix
Hubert blogged about the way he and his company handle time zones (specifically timestamps) in Elixir/Phoenix/Ecto applications.

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Clearing Phoenix npm cache on Heroku Misc

How to run Phoenix framework application inside a Docker container? Blog post

TIL: Load all records for an association in Ecto Misc

TIL: What applications are running in your Elixir app? Misc

TIL: Clearing Phoenix npm cache on Heroku Misc

TIL: Execute raw parameterized sql with Ecto in Elixir Misc

Distributed Elixir by Oscar de Arriba Video

Avoid Conditionals in Elixir Blog post

Tracking User State with Phoenix Presence, React and Redux Blog post

Alphabet Project, Part 6 Blog post

 Direct Uploading to Amazon S3 with Phoenix Blog post

Conserve GenServer state with a companion process Blog post

Phoenix app deployment with Ansible playbooks for Elixir Blog post

Adding Semantic UI to Phoenix 1.3 Blog post

CloudFile Blog post

Updates On LDAP Authentication With Phoenix Blog post

Installing Elixir on macOS using asdf Blog post

Elixir and Doctest - Help Writing Better Programs, One Method At A Time Blog post

Nerves 0.7.1 Released Project update

HTTP/2 client available from Ace > 0.11.1 Project update

alembic 3.4.0 Project update

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