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Benchmarking in Elixir
Ready to measure the performance of two pieces of code with the same output? Check out the latest episode: Benchmarking with Benchee!

Halting Plugs in Phoenix
Zachery talks about how he was halting plugs the wrong way and we he found out when discovering the right way to do it.

Supervisors: Building fault-tolerant Elixir applications
Gonzalo takes it a step further by explaining how supervision works in Elixir, and how you can building fault tolerant applications.

ParallelTask: easily run functions in parallel and capture the results
A library for easily parallelizing slow tasks such as API requests, database queries and the like.

Hammer: an elixir rate-limiter with pluggable backends
Hammer is a rate-limiter for Elixir, with a modular backend system, so you can choose where to persist the counters (ETS and Redis right now).

Using GenServer :via
Eric had two GenServers which used the same handle_* interface so he figured out how to talk to both through the same means.

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