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This week in Elixir

A year of Elixir
Tomasz reflects on a year of being part of Elixir’s excellent community. Happy anniversary, Tomasz!

Validating Uniqueness in Ecto 2.2
Ecto 2.2 will support validating uniqueness using `unsafe_validate_unique/3`. This is Nathan's explanation of why this is a big change for Ecto.

Building An Image Upload API With Phoenix
Alex from Dockyard explains how to create a basic image upload API with Elixir and Phoenix using AWS.

Arc — CarrierWave for Phoenix
Rafał shows how to set up basic image uploading using the arc package for Elixir.

AES encryption of JSON messages in Elixir Phoenix and Ruby – Bernard Pietraga
Bernard wrote this post as an extensive guide how to set up AES 256 CBC encryption in Elixir Phoenix and Ruby realms.

Runtime configuration, migrations and deployment for Elixir applications
Andrew's article on configuration, migrations and deployment is based on his experience with running several Elixir applications in production.

Sentry.io inside Docker with Elixir
Lelonek shows us how to use sentry.io with Elixir inside a Docker container.

GenStage by Example: episodes 1-5
Akash's first set of screencasts on GenStage. Episodes 1 to 5 are focussing on the basics and how things work.

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: CamelCase to underscore and back again Misc

ElixirConf US - 5-8 Sep - Bellevue Conference

Adopting Elixir in a 10 year old codebase Talk slides

How to Sell Elixir - Evadne Wu Talk slides

Stateful Genservers in Elixir Blog post

JavaScript for People Who Hate JavaScript Blog post

Recurring tasks in Elixir: Solution #2 Blog post

Deploying Elixir with Docker Part 2 Blog post

Continuous Deployment of a Phoenix App to Heroku with Semaphore Blog post

Simple caching repetitive Ecto queries with GenServer Blog post

The top 10 Elixir talks of 2017 so far | Erlang Solution blog Blog post

Load Testing cowboy 2.0.0-rc.1 Blog post

Property-based testing in Elixir using PropEr Blog post

On Getting Started With Phoenix v1.3.0 Blog post

Elixir Phoenix and Porting from Ruby on Rails: Part 1 - VBI Blog Blog post

Alphabet Project, Part 9 Blog post

Creating Lenses in Elixir Blog post

Introducing Nebulex Blog post

Elixir in depth - reading and personal notes - Digital Freepen Blog post

What Does Fibonacci Look Like in Elixir? Blog post

First impressions of property testing with StreamData Blog post

Simple impersonation with Guardian Blog post

Understanding the concept of a context in Phoenix Blog post

IntelliJ Elixir v6.1.1 Project update

IntelliJ Elixir v6.1.0 Project update

OPQ: A simple, in-memory queue with worker pooling and rate limiting Project update

Focus, an Elixir lens library, v0.3.4 release Project update

Sobelow, the Phoenix vulnerability scanner - v0.5.3 Project update

ElixirScript 0.30.0 Released Project update

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