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This week in Elixir

Adding an Email Verification Flow With Phoenix
In this post, you can learn how to add email verification to your application in Elixir and Phoenix.

ExGuard 1.3
ExGuard is a mix command to handle events on file system modifications, which just got a bit better.

Customize Phoenix.View EEx rendering
Ben shows us how getting straightforward HTML templates rendered in Phoenix is really easy.

Test your GraphQL API in Elixir
Nicolas shows how to easily test your GraphQL API while using Absinthe.

Adding Phoenix to an Elixir OTP App
Eric had a side project that started out as a plain OTP app and wanted to add a web interface to it. In this post he shows how easy it was.

Today I Learned in Phoenix
Jake wrote this post about his team's journey porting the popular open-source TIL application from Rails to Phoenix.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Louis Pilfold - The Journey From Ruby to Elixir Video

Stepping into a New Era: Injecting Elixir in an Existing System - Andrea Leopardi - Elixir.LDN 2017 Video

The Pin Operator in 1 minute Video

Why I have decided to learn Elixir Blog post

Controlling a Bitcoin Node with Elixir Blog post

Custom column names in Phoenix Models Blog post

The Art of How To Program A Computer  Blog post

Unveil/Decompile Erlang code of Elixir project Blog post

Non-Primary Key UUIDs in Phoenix Blog post

Writing a CSV Todo App with Elixir - part 1/3 Blog post

Composable Ecto Queries in Action Blog post

BCrypt Hashing in Phoenix Tests Blog post

How to use external services safely and reliably in Elixir applications Blog post

Quickly written post on Webpack 3 with Phoenix 1.3 Blog post

phoenix.cr - Crystal client for Phoenix Channels Project update

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