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This week in Elixir

ElixirJobs - Elixir-oriented job board
Óscar just released ElixirJobs, a job board for Elixir enthusiasts and companies that want to hire developers for their Elixir/Erlang projects!

Building Thor-like CLI in Elixir
Tymon explores and compares two possible implementations of Ruby’s Thor CLI toolkit, one using Ruby’s dynamic meta-programming and one using Elixir macros.

Rails and Phoenix microservice synergy
Sergey has just written an article about how he and his team rewrote part of their Rails app into a Phoenix service.

Reading Named Pipes With Elixir
This post describes how to go about reading data from special files like named pipes.

Go, Erlang, Elixir; what’s in a programming language anyway?
Stuart writes about the online betting industry and why Elixir and Erlang are the "right tool for the job".

Intro to Elixir's Testing and Executables
Cool article about how to setup testing and create executables in Elixir.

10 Amazing open source Elixir/Phoenix Apps
A comprehensive list of 10 awesome open source applications built with Elixir/Phoenix.

Deployment Is Coming! Anyone at the Helm?
This is a very interesting article on Elixir deployment (with maybe too many Game of Thrones references).

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Exit IEx Gracefully with `respawn()` Misc

TIL: `with` statement has an `else` clause Misc

ElixirFountain w/ Matt Ludwigs Podcast

Intro to Function Plugs Video

Exploring Elixir: Effortless Scaling With Automatic Clusters Video

Abuse Elixir Process State with the Dictionary! Blog post

Elixir :applications vs :extra_applications - a guide Blog post

Sharing fixtures between test modules in Elixir Blog post

Exploring the Bitcoin Blockchain with Elixir and Phoenix Blog post

PlugPassword - secure your application with password Blog post

What did I learn: Pattern matching in Elixir Blog post

Implementing a state machine in Elixir Blog post

Testing the GenStages Under Umbrella Blog post

Experimenting with inherited tables in Ecto Blog post

Visiting ElixirConf US 2017 Blog post

Explicitness (Ecto) vs Implicitness (Active Record) Blog post

Concurrent Calculation Of Fibonacci In Elixir Blog post

Designing an interface for HTTP streaming Project update

ElixirScript 0.31.0 Released Project update

Hammer v2: Rate-Limiter with pluggable backends Project update

Clusterable v0.2 Project update

Mockery 1.3.1 released Project update

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