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This week in Elixir

Everything you need to know about Elixir's new formatter
It's all the rage this week: Elixir 1.6 will introduce a code formatter and Devon has gotten his hands on it!

Elixir Code Formatter for Atom Editor
Ron released an Atom editor package that uses the new code formatter. It automatically formats Elixir source code on save.

Rate-Limiting Phoenix (with Redis too)
Shane wrote a blog post about adding rate-limiting to a Phoenix app.

Graceful error handling in Elixir
Jason wrote a blog post that introduces errors, a small Elixir package that helps with error handling.

Elixir GenServer Explained to Redux Developers
GenServer is the cornerstone of a lot of Elixir distributed apps. If you already know Redux, you’ll easily understand its strengths.

Learning to Crawl
Pete wrote a cool post on how he built a bare bones web crawler in Elixir.

Mocking Elixir IO.gets with Agent
This article discusses how to mock Elixir's IO.gets with Agents (e.g. for testing).

Communicating with C from Elixir using Ports
The fine folks from Cultivate show us how to communicate with C from Elixir using Ports and NIFs.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Fountain: Finding the Proper Form with Louis Pilfold Podcast

Building a simple Guess the Word game Video

More Custom Validations for Ecto Changesets Blog post

Building REST Server with Elixir Blog post

A brief guide to Ecto.Multi Blog post

Small functional programming exercise in Elixir - Tech Dominator Blog post

Autonomous `gen_statem` Blog post

Phoenix continuous integration with Bitbucket Pipelines Blog post

Automatically subscribe GenStages in Umbrella projects Blog post

Erlang Behaviors… and how to behave around them Blog post

Migrating ActiveRecord STI to Ecto (pt. 1) Blog post

Mock Responses with Stash Blog post

Storing Plug sessions with Mnesia Blog post

Functions in Elixir | What did I learn Blog post

What is mix.lock file Blog post

Create an Elixir Phoenix API - Part 2 Blog post

Credo v0.8.8 released Project update

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