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This week in Elixir

Format Your Elixir Code Now
For those who did not get the news last week: Elixir 1.6 will be shipping with an important new feature: autoformatting. Let's explore it today.

ElixirLS 0.2: Better builds, code formatter, and incremental Dialyzer
ElixirLS is a language server for Elixir that powers a VS Code plugin. This update includes some improvements — a new build system, code formatting, and an experimental, incremental Dialyzer server.

IntelliJ Elixir: Credo Tooltip Navigation Links
This short video shows the development of Navigation Links in Credo Annotation Tooltips for IntelliJ Elixir 6.3.0. Pretty nice!

Built with Elixir
Alexander released a small web site GitStat built with Elixir 1.5 providing statistics on how many repositories are contained in GitHub per programming language.

Access Tokens and User Roles using Phoenix Generators
David needed a way for the admins of his last project to restrict access and only allow people with a key to register.

Time-Out: Elixir State Machines versus Servers
Andrew loves gen_statem (and the Elixir wrapper gen_state_machine).

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Checking that an association is loaded Misc

ElixirFountain: Property-based Testing with Mark Allen and Chris Keathley Podcast

Empex Opening Keynote by Jessica Kerr (and playlist) Video

Intro to Module Plugs Video

Exciting story of dynamic code generation Blog post

Use Docker to run the new Elixir Code Formatter Blog post

ets vs redis benchmarks for a simple key value store Blog post

What Everyone Ought To Know About elixir difference hd and List.first Blog post

More Mocking Elixir IO.gets with Agents Blog post

Build a blog in Elixir with Nabo and Phoenix Blog post

GitPitch Presentation Of The Day: Well-Designed Phoenix Applications Blog post

Erlang Behaviors… and how to behave around them (2/2) Blog post

Rage Against The Finite State Machine Blog post

A Secret Tip to find Beam file path of Elixir Module Blog post

ABNF Grammars in Elixir Blog post

Phoenix: Continuous Integration with Bitbucket Pipelines Blog post

3 Libraries for Your New Elixir Project Blog post

Elixir Macros Part 2 - How to find out what's going on Blog post

Built with Elixir Project update

IntelliJ Elixir 6.2.0 Project update

Released phoenix_pagination Project update

AlloyCI v0.2.0 Project update

hackney an HTTP client for Erlang/OTP version 1.10.0 is out Project update

Raxx 1.0-rc.0 released Project update

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