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This week in Elixir

Pattern Matching in Elixir: Five Things to Remember
Elixir has been getting a lot of attention these days for being highly-concurrent, fault-tolerant, and scalable. This article by Anna covers it's magic spell: Pattern Matching.

Choosing an architecture
Joan writes about creating a bank and using Elixir for crucial parts of its infrastructure.

How to connect and debug Elixir or Phoenix App at Heroku?
Heroku has a great feature called heroku ps:exec which allows you to connect to running nodes. You can use this command to connect your elixir nodes easily.

Rapport - Build HTML Reports in Elixir
Rapport aims to provide a robust set of modules to generate HTML reports that both looks good in the browser and when being printed.

5 productivity tips for Elixir programming
Jason wrote a blog post about productivity tips for Elixir. It’s a round-up of techniques he discovered while working on his first few Elixir projects.

Writing documentation in Elixir
Have you ever worked on a project which contains no documentation? Vitaly surely has. So he explored Elixir's facilities for adding documentation.

Even more from around the Elixir community

SpawnFest is back! Misc

Elixir Community for Spanish Speakers Elixir-Lang.es Misc

TIL: Elixir Maps With String/Colon Keys Become Atoms Misc

ElixirFountain: Visiting the Actor's Studio with Jonas Bonér Podcast

Chris has started this new podcast: ElixirTalk Podcast

Long Running Processes with Event Sourcing and CQRS Blog post

Implementing a notifications system in Elixir using Protocols Blog post

Choosing Elixir for Shedul’s tomorrow Blog post

Entity status history using ecto Blog post

Expiring Items from a Map in Elixir Blog post

My First Day with Elixir Blog post

From the developer: What’s new in WombatOAM 3.0.0? Blog post

Build and Deploy Elixir Phoenix releases with CircleCI Blog post

Getting started with mix format Blog post

IntelliJ Elixir v6.3.0 Project update

Etherscan - A library for the ethereum block explorer Project update

Benchee 0.10.0 released Project update

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