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StreamData: Property-based testing and data generation for Elixir
Read how the Elixir core team is working on data generation and property-based testing for the next versions of Elixir.

Mix xref to the rescue!
xref is a Mix task that is able to analyze relationships between your Elixir modules, which allows you to change your app without breaking things!

What's wrong with a global User module?
Here are some thoughts about why a global User module might be a bad idea, its impact on the system architecture and some examples how to split it into cleaner and more isolated components.

Brackets Hell in Supervision tree
Źmićer is trying to understand the new child_spec approach in Supervision trees.

OpenTracing Elixir? Yes Please!!
Fernand shows an approach in tracing your Elixir applications via OpenTracing, a set of standard APIs and conventions to enable tracing within your application.

Customizing Elixir's IEx
If you’ve not taken advantage of IEx, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. This article shows how to customize your experience.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elite Judges at @spawnfest this year Misc

Elixir with Love Conference - Standard Ticket Prices Expire 11/2 Conference

ElixirFountain: Diversifying Elixir with Love with Rachael Serur and Omid Bachari Podcast

Elixir Formatter Preview Video

Build a JSON API with Elixir / Phoenix in under an hour Video

A Quick Guide to Ecto Blog post

How to keep mix tasks private to your hex packages - goodcode Blog post

Using PostgreSQL Jsonb columns in Ecto Blog post

Elixir 101: collaborative todolist with realtime updates Blog post

Elixir / Phoenix 101: introduction & toolchain setup Blog post

Trying out upcoming Elixir releases Blog post

Getting started with Mix format Blog post

Grokking the Y Combinator with Elixir Blog post

Announcing Taggart - A Markup Generation Tool for Elixir Blog post

Adding Semantic UI Sass to Phoenix with Brunch Blog post

Incorporating Hashrocket's Tilex ("Today I Learned") To My Site Blog post

Elixir/Phoenix app makes Top 20 in prestigious UK startup competition Blog post

Release announcement: benchee 0.10, html plugin & others Blog post

New book: Phoenix for Rails developers Project update

Elixir on Docker Project update

IntelliJ Elixir v6.4.0 released Project update

Filtrex v0.4.1 released Project update

Ghoul v0.1.1: An undead cleanup crew for your processes Project update

Drab v0.6.1: better living assigns and shared commanders Project update

Swoosh v0.11.0: AmazonSES & inline attachments Project update

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