Issue #7: Data Ingestion, Dealing with Legacy Databases and Setting up Gitlab for Elixir

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Elixir and Data Ingestion
Ryan shares his lessons learned from parsing a few gigabytes of CSVs using Elixir.

Ripley, a programming language index
Mike has been scraping programming language subreddits to compare their numbers for a while. Now he rewrote his Go scraper in Elixir.

Connecting machines in a local network using Elixir nodes
Out-of-the-Box distribution is one of the great features any Elixir application can have thanks to how the Erlang VM operates.

Automated Elixir code review with Github, Credo and Travis CI
How to configure Travis CI to analyse your pull requests with Credo.

Dealing with Legacy Databases
Benny shares his experience supporting custom primary keys in Phoenix.

Setting up Gitlab CI for Elixir and Phoenix
How to use `.gitlab-ci.yml` for a Phoenix app.

hooks v2.0.1 released
You can now use hooks, a generic plugin & hook system, in your Elixir applications.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Fountain with Boyd Multerer Podcast

BeamBA 2016 - September 28th - Buenos Aires Meetup Meetup

[Book] Erlang and Elixir for Imperative Programmers Misc

How to Setup Elixir for CircleCI Success Blog post

Elixir/Phoenix Centralized HTTP Logging Blog post

Webdev-related improvements Elixir did to Erlang Blog post

Serving Single/Multiple Ember Apps inside Phoenix Blog post

Common Elixir 1.3 Deprecation Warning Fix Blog post

Assenty, a social Question Board service Blog post

Deploy Elixir Application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk Blog post

Deploy your Phoenix Apps in your Own Heroku Blog post

Phoenix vs Rails: Views and helpers Blog post

Generate Dynamic Bang! Functions Project update

Decoding Rails sessions using ExMarshal Project update

Credo v0.4.9 released - Elixir Code Analysis Project update

FakerElixir generates fake data for you Project update

Solve your sudoku puzzles with Elixir  ( Part 3) Project update

rebar3_elixir_compile, a rebar3 elixir compiler plugin Project update

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