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Maximizing HTTP/2 performance with GenStage
Andrea wrote about how Football Addicts managed to maximize the performance of HTTP/2 requests through GenStage to deliver as many push notifications as possible.

Elixir child specifications became a lot easier
Thomas shows us how streamlined Elixir child specs go deep and how strong architecture decisions help everyone to build strong products.

Authex - a simple JWT alternative
Many app API’s use the same process for JWT authentication and authorization. Nick finally had time to extract and open source his work in this field.

Jobs at Qixxit: Elixir Backend Developer
The fine people of Qixxit asked me to include their job posting, which I will gladly do!

Announcing Bootleg: Simple deployment and server automation
Bootleg is a simple set of commands that attempt to simplify building and deploying Elixir applications, inspired by tools like Capistrano and Mix.

ARK's newest integration: ARK-Elixir
ARK Elixir is the newest family member of ARK API wrappers to interact with the ARK blockchain.

One Year of Sentry Elixir
Mitchell looks back on one year of managing and improving Sentry's Elixir SDK.

Nerves Project Update and Training Schedule
See what the Nerves team has been working on recently and where you can learn more at upcoming training events!

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