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Waiting for an Answer
Snorri, who's day job is working on EVE Online, describes his first iteration of `exsim`, the core server for a large scale space simulation written in Elixir, Go and C++.

Introducing phxsockets.io
Ricardo created this small tool for assisting you while developing or testing Phoenix sockets and channels, or in other words, a minified version of the famous Postman app but for Phoenix WebSockets.

Phoenix WebSockets Under a Microscope
This is a code-reading and exploration by Dimitris about the WebSockets side of Phoenix. It builds upon tracing techniques to observe some of the internals of Phoenix.

Automatic Bang! Function Generation in Elixir
Isaac just published `unsafe` which aids in the generation of bang functions based on easy module attributes.

A Short Overview of Elixir Executables with escripts
This is a short intro by Roberto to escripts, what they are, how they integrate with mix and why you should avoid using archives.

How to Automatically run Stale Tests on File Change in Elixir
Andrew wrote a short article with scripts to automatically run stale tests whenever a file is changed.

On Making The Future
This is a nice blog post by Desmond on the philosophy behind the creation of Empex, an NY Elixir conference which just an LA counterpart.

Elixir with Love
Here’s Robert's short recap from the Elixir with Love conference last week. With a mix of great talks about technology and community, it got him excited about the future of Elixir.

Even more from around the Elixir community

ElixirTalk: Umbrella Apps and Their Design Considerations Podcast

GenStage by Example Video

Building a Static Site with Elixir Video

Øredev 2017 - Claudio Ortolina - Practical Elixir Flow Video

Announcing “ide-elixir”, an ElixirLS Plugin for Atom IDE Blog post

How I Use Bulma with the Phoenix Framework Blog post

Setting up Phoenix 1.3 as an API Only App Blog post

Announcing Absinthe v1.4 – Absinthe GraphQL Blog post

Let It Crash: Creating an Example Supervisor in Elixir Using OTP Blog post

How To Build Docker Containers For Elixir Apps Blog post

Elixir Tips: #1 - Copy Last Result in IEX Blog post

Control Flow in Elixir Blog post

A Package with Some Extra Phoenix Generators Project update

Do you miss `User.create(params)`? BaseModel is ActiveRecord for Ecto. Project update

plymio_option v0.2.0 Project update

plymio_ast v1.0.0 Project update

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