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Welcome to Issue #75

Due to a business trip on Thursday, this issue follows a style best described as "short form". Enjoy!

This week in Elixir

Shuffled Records in Phoenix
Nathan shares a way to get shuffled records from the database via Ecto/Phoenix.

Macro Madness: How to use `use` well
Macro extravaganza explained by DockYard's own Luke Imhoff!

[BOOK] Phoenix for Rails Developers
Elvio just published the book “Phoenix for Rails Developers”! Use the promo code "elixirstatus" to get a 10% OFF discount!

Sage - Sagas pattern in pure Elixir
Sage is an dependency-free implementation of Sagas pattern in pure Elixir. It’s like Ecto.Multi but across business logic and third-party APIs.

The Secret Behind Elixir Operator Re-Definitions: + to -
This article comprises things like creating new definitions for existing operators.

Three tutorials covering deploying Phoenix apps to Google Cloud
For those interested in deploying an Elixir/Phoenix app to Google Cloud, Daniel has posted three getting-started tutorials on Google’s community site.

That's it for this round, have a great day!
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