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This week in Elixir

Incrementally Moving to Elixir with Queues
This article describes moving bit by bit from a Rails monolith to Elixir services by using Redis/Sidekiq queues in the process.

Introduction to Mox: Behaviour-Driven Unit Testing for Phoenix Controllers
A short walkthrough by Aaron, in which he shows how implementing mocks based on behaviours can simplify your unit tests for controllers.

Brewing the Firmware for Raspberry PI with Elixir and Nerves
Michal wrote this post about brewing the firmware for Raspberry PI while rewriting his PIX PROJECT in Elixir and Nerves.

Sealas - Zero Knowledge Online Accounting Software For Freelancers
Sealas is an open source encrypted accounting software with a backend written in Elixir using Phoenix.

The Rigid Code Behind Smooth Code - Elixir Intermediate
This article shows you the rigid lines of intermediate code behind the smooth lines you write in Elixir.

Case Insensitive Column in Phoenix
Adam wanted to have a case insensitive database column to store email addresses in. Using PostgreSQL, there’s a nice extension that does exactly that – citext.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Finishing out tic-tac-toe game and giving it a CLI Video

AC6: Putting an Elixir OTP app in our Elixir OTP app Video

Alchemist Camp L11: A worker to log stats from a YouTube's API Video

Alchemist Camp C10: Threatened by Rooks, Bishops and Knights Video

Using Ecto as Elixir Data Casting and Validation Library Blog post

Putting Elixir Documentation into Docker Blog post

Agents and Tasks in Elixir | What did I learn Blog post

Phoenix & Elm Landing Page (part 2) Blog post

Code Formatter - The Big Feature in Elixir v1.6.0 Blog post

ExVenture Updates for December 2017 Blog post

How to Block Chinese IP Addresses with Phoenix Blog post

Elixir “with” Syntax and Guard Clauses Blog post

Best Practices for Deploying Elixir Apps Blog post

Releasing Gringotts: A Payment Library for Elixir Project update

Morphix v0.2.1 released Project update

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