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This week in Elixir

Fast Full-text Search with Ecto and PostgreSQL
Very nice post by Nathan about how he recently built a full-text recipe search feature using Ecto and PostgreSQL for a client.

Automate Pattern Matching for Structs
Aleksei blogged an example of how one might use macros to automate pattern matching on different structs.

A Tweak to Phoenix Contexts
Eric shows off what approach he's been using in his side project that is a little different than the bounded context approach.

Building and Configuring a Phoenix app with Umbrella for Releasing with Docker
A tutorial to understand how Phoenix, Umbrella, Distillery and Docker fit together.

The Road to Windows
Most Elixir developers prefer Mac or Linux, but Windows is historically the platform of choice for embedded development. Therefore as Nerves continues to grow, a Windows solution is needed.

Quaff that Potion: Saving Millions with Elixir and Erlang
AdRoll shows how they slashed their costs by 75% using Kinesis, DynamoDB and now Elixir to implement a global cache warming system.

phoenix_integration v0.4 released
phoenix_integration is a server-side integration framework that helps you test your controllers/templates working together through a series of calls.

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL - Pattern Match Using The Concatenating Operator <> Misc

Empex Los Angeles Conference

An Intro to Agents Video

Solution to Challenge 12: Making bitmaps with color palettes Video

Phoenix Framework 1.3 (Building a Chat App) Video

Phoenix Framework 1.3 (Building a GraphQL API in Phoenix) Video

Phoenix Framework 1.3 (Playing with Ecto Schemas and Phoenix Contexts) Video

AC9: Using Elixir Macros to Simplify our Views Video

Building a Rasberry Pi Weather Station with Elixir/Nerves - Part 2 Blog post

Elixir Wants to Change the Way You Think About Programming Blog post

The Difference Between the for Comprehension and Enum.each Blog post

My Venture Into alchemy Blog post

Nerves Project January Update Blog post

Practical Security for Elixir/Phoenix Workshop Blog post

Newbie Impressions: Elixir & Erlang Blog post

My First Event Sourced Application Blog post

Interview with 2018 EMPEX LA Speaker Todd Resudek Blog post

Introduction to OTP, GenServers and Supervisors | What did I Learn Blog post

Simple Encrypted Auth Tokens for Phoenix Blog post

How To Setup GraphQL, Vue.js, and Phoenix 1.3 Blog post

Bitcoin’s Base58Check in Pure Elixir Blog post

Logging from Headless Nerves Machines to Papertrail Blog post

Benchmarking ++ vs | for List Concatenation Project update

EventBus v0.8.0 released Project update

IntelliJ Elixir 7.2.1 Project update

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