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Issue #8 - ElixirConf Edition

As you might have noticed, this email is a day late. There is a reason for that: a beautiful OLED enhanced, Nerves powered badge and the first day of ElixirConf.

It is a blast. This is, by far, the largest gathering of Elixir engineers yet. 550 people have come to Orlando to learn all things around the language and meet other, like minded folks.

I won't give you a summary of the talks, because other people will write those reviews and the recordings will be available on YouTube shortly. But let me tease you a bit: This is every bit as exciting as I imagined and it was well worth a trip over the atlantic.

And: it's not over, yet.

This week in Elixir

Elixir Fountain is on Patreon now!
The Elixir Fountain is not only my favorite podcast, it is also one of the things I take for granted in the Elixir community. Starting this week, we can now show our support for this great show by pledging 10$ per month. I am a patron and if you like Johnny's interviews you should consider becoming one as well.

How B/R trains Elixir devs
Learn how Bleacher Report has trained all their Ruby devs to become Elixir engineers.

Elixir for Rubyists
Tute from Thoughtbot wrote a post about how to write Elixir when you are still thinking Ruby.

Laboratory: Feature Flags in Phoenix Projects
Laboratory is an Elixir plug that allows developers to turn feature flags on/off in Phoenix or any plug-based web app.

Kane: a Google Pub/Sub client for Elixir
Kane is a simple library for using Google's Pub/Sub service in your Elixir app.

Goth: OAuth2 for service accounts via Google Cloud APIs
Goth is a simple library to generate and retrieve OAuth2 tokens for use with Google Cloud Service accounts.

Community Corner Help wanted

Ecto: Unexpected syntax error in preload expression (nested queries)

hex_web: Allow using email everywhere that accepts usernames

phoenix: Enhancement: Watcher is not restarted if it dies.

In this section, I want to highlight projects that are looking for contributors. To add your project to this section, just press reply!
That's it for this round, have a great day!
@rrrene from ElixirWeekly

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