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This week in Elixir

Engaging the Community
This is a great post by Robert about the Elixir community's development over the past years.

Announcing Elixir Support
Pretty cool: Dependabot now supports Elixir 🎉

How to use Markdown as Templates in Phoenix
This is a blog post by Boyd on How to use Markdown as Templates in Phoenix, "coinciding" with the release of PhoenixMarkdown v1.0.

Mock Current Time in Elixir
Adam was searching for a way to mock the current time in his test suite, something like Timecop for Elixir.

Phoenix & Elm Landing Page - Part 3
This is the final part of Ricardo's Phoenix and Elm landing page series, adding Google reCAPATCHA support to the subscription form to avoid spambots.

Things I Wish ActiveRecord had After Using Ecto
Vladimir wrote about things he likes about Ecto that aren’t available in ActiveRecord.

Crypto Curry with Elixir
Dorian is exploring functional concepts such as currying, composing and pointfree in Elixir.

Prepare and release your Elixir open source package like a pro
Karol shares his list of actions that lead him to a properly managed and professional looking open source Elixir release.

Even more from around the Elixir community

The Big Elixir Conference in New Orleans, November 2018 Conference

Lesson 13 Adding Ecto and a Postgres database to StatWatch Misc

Automated dependency update PRs with Dependabot Misc

Solution to Challenge 14: Flattening lists recursively in Elixir Video

Creating Ecto associations between profiles and stats (StatWatch) Video

Writing Simple Web Services with Ace Blog post

Erlang Distribution over TLS Blog post

How to Process an ets Table in Chunks or Batches Blog post

Interview with 2018 EMPEX LA Keynote Speaker Emma Cunningham Blog post

Functional Mocking with Mox Blog post

Bitcoin's Base58Check in Pure Elixir Blog post

Learn how to set and Manage Locale Data in Phoenix Applications Blog post

Interview with EMPEX LA Speaker Pete Gamache – EMPEX – Medium Blog post

Building a Rasberry Pi weather station with Elixir/Nerves - Part 3 Blog post

{:ok, {📍, LibLatLon}} and Binary Pattern Matching for the Rescue Blog post

A logger backend for Telegram | LoggerTelegramBackend v1.0 Project update

Elixir Port of NanoID, a Secure and URL-friendly Unique ID Generator Project update

rubber v0.7.1 released Project update

PhoenixMarkdown v1.0 released to Hex Project update

Peluquero v0.99.× released Project update

Tarearbol gets v0.7.0 Project update

PhoenixIntegration 0.5 published to hex Project update

K-ordered ids in Elixir Project update

PolicyWonk v1.0.0-rc.0 released Project update

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