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This week in Elixir

Elixir v1.6 released
Elixir v1.6 includes a code formatter, defguard, dynamic supervision and new module attributes that improves code quality and the developer experience.

The Null Struct Pattern
Nathan borrowed a concept called the Null Object Pattern from OOP and applied it in Elixir's functional context.

My recent performance story on Elixir
Victor shows us why performance tools in Elixir are wonderful!

[VIDEO] Elixir Control Flow
Learn about different control structures in Elixir.

A journey on using Env vars on a Mix project
André naively (his words) expected Environment vars to just work as he expected.

Drab 0.7.0 is out!
Drab allows you to access the browser user interface from the server side without touching JavaScript.

Even more from around the Elixir community

ElixirCamp Australia is on in March Misc

ElixirTalk - Multiple Databases & Mocking External Tests Podcast

Solving Elixir Koans Video

AC Side Projects: Launching StatWatch.me Video

People are Processes Blog post

Elixir: A Big-Picture Programming Language Blog post

Integration Testing Phoenix Application with Circle CI 2.0 Blog post

Using Enums in PostgreSQL with Ecto Blog post

State Machine in Elixir with Machinery Blog post

How to a Test Elixir Cluster of Nodes Using Slaves Blog post

Controllers, Views and Templates | What did I Learn Blog post

Testing in Elixir:: Chapter 3: The Outside World is Scary Blog post

ExVenture (a MUD) Updates for January 2018 Blog post

Swoosh v0.13.0 released Project update

EventBus v1.0.0 released Project update

Burnex 1.0 released - Burner Email Detector Project update

StrawHat.Mailer for Email Management Project update

WebSockex 0.4.1 Released! Project update

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