[ElixirWeekly] Issue #83 - Using Elixir GenStage to Track Video Watch Progress

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This week in Elixir

Elixir TDLib: a Proper Telegram Client
Telegram announced TDLib yesterday, a C++ library allowing you to act as a standard telegram client. This is a Hex package, which wraps it.

Functor Flavoured Pipes in Elixir
Exploring the Functor concept in Elixir, then implement a fault tolerant pipe operator.

Using Elixir GenStage to Track Video Watch Progress
Emerson shows us how to use Elixir GenStage to track the watch progress of videos.

EctoFacade - Library for Replicated Ecto Setup
EctoFacade is a small library that helps handling Ecto repositories in a replicated setup by separating write and read operations.

Filtering Ecto with a Behaviour
This shows off a simple module and behaviour Eric made to filter Ecto queries.

Shape Up With Elixir Protocols
Great blog post on Elixir Protocols!

[VIDEO] Intro to Elixir Guards
Let's get started with Elixir guards, since since we’re all using Elixir 1.6 (aren't we?) we’ll use defguard to define our own.

Building a Robust Elixir Dispatcher
Erez shares his journey from a naive dispatcher implementation to the final module.

Concurrency != Parallelism
A five-minute overview of the differences between concurrency and parallelism.

Even more from around the Elixir community

ElixirTalk 108 - Multiple Elixir Versions, How Much Erlang Should You Know, & Thinking Functionally Podcast

7 Lines to Code Fizz-Buzz Game Principle in Elixir Blog post

From Purely Back end OTP app to Phoenix 1.3 App: Part 3 Video

From Purely Back end OTP app to Phoenix 1.3 App: Part 2 Video

All Speaker Talks Up - ElixirConfEU 2018 Conference

C4P & Early Bird are Still Open at Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018 Conference

Mining for Bitcoin Vanity Addresses with Elixir Blog post

BeamParticle — A Polyglot Dynamic Programming Engine Blog post

28 Days - Elixir Node Networking Basics Blog post

28 Days - Peerage Deep Dive Blog post

Elixir and Behaviours by Ecto Example Blog post

Implementing CRUD in Phoenix | What did I Learn Blog post

AlloyCI Dev Diary - Part 3 Blog post

New Package for Metrics-collection: Band Project update

Sockette - The Cutest Little Reconnecting WebSocket! Project update

Yotsuba: 4chan API client Project update

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