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This week in Elixir

Did you Know that `............` is Valid Elixir Syntax?
Eric posted this short and funny but still pretty insightful article about how odd valid Elixir syntax might be.

What's new in Phoenix Development
Chris tells us what the Phoenix core team has been up to with this sneak peak of unreleased new features.

Paginator - Cursor Based Pagination for Ecto
Paginator is a new library that adds support for cursor based pagination to Ecto.

Handling Webhooks in Phoenix
Niklas wrote this post about setting up your Phoenix application to receive incoming webhooks.

Connecting Elm to Phoenix 1.3
Want to start using Elm on the front end of a Phoenix 1.3 app? Pauls blog post goes over the steps he used to get these two talking to each other.

Changing Primary Keys in Ecto
Changing Primary Keys on an existing table sounds straight forward, but there’s a few hoops you need to jump through.

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