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What's the Deal with Module Attributes?
Devon recently learned a bit about how module attributes really work, and what you might use them for. Turns out a few things aren't as they seem!

The Kevin Bacon Problem
This is a nice post about Microservices, Datasets, Elixir and the Erdős–Bacon number. It also has a funny title.

Entity Component Systems in Elixir
Entity Component Systems is a severely underlooked design pattern from the realm of game development. Yos implemented it in Elixir!

From Bytes to Menmonic Using Elixir
Bitcoin’s BIP-39 is a clever algorithm for transforming random binaries into easy to remember mnemonics. Pete flexes his programming muscles and implements it using Elixir!

Rexbug 1.0.0 released!
Rexbug, the Elixir wrapper for the :redbug tracing debugger has hit 1.0.0!


EMPEX LA 2018 - Morning Keynote: Embracing an Error-Prone Reality by Emma Cunningham Video

EMPEX LA 2018 - Shipping a Replacement Architecture in Elixir by Chris Bell Video

EMPEX LA 2018 - Building Beautiful Systems with ... by Andrew Hao Video

EMPEX LA 2018 - Panel: Elixir Adoption with Shanti Chellaram & Brandon Richey Video

EMPEX LA 2018 - Life is but a Stream by Geoffrey Lessel Video

EMPEX LA 2018 - Inclusion Starts with Docs by Pete Gamache Video

EMPEX LA 2018 - Panel: Deployment with Desmond Bowe, Benjamin Brodie & Scott Taylor Video

EMPEX LA 2018 - Morning Keynote: Embracing an Error-Prone Reality by Emma Cunningham Video

EMPEX LA 2018 - Become a Hex Power User by Todd Resudek Video

EMPEX LA 2018 - A Swarm of Processes — Simulating Ant Foraging Behavior... by Will Ockelmann Wagner Video

EMPEX LA 2018 - Ecto.Schema Without Ecto.Repo by Rosemary Ledesma Video

EMPEX LA 2018 - Closing Keynote by Sarah Gray Video

Even more from around the Elixir community

Learn Elixir Series Video

Git Status for Elixir Builds Blog post

Authentication in Phoenix | What did I Learn Blog post

Why Ecto's Way of Storing Embedded Lists of Maps Makes Querying Hard Blog post

GenQueue - Adapter Based Job-queues Project update

Property Testing our Base58Check Encoder with an External Oracle Blog post

Another “Why immutability rules” Post Blog post

How I Rented a Nice Place to Live Using Elixir and a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Blog post

Wrote my First GenServer Code Today Blog post

FIPS for Erlang & Elixir Systems Blog post

10 Killer Elixir Tips #7 Blog post

Flexible Dockerized Phoenix Deployments Project update

Server Sent Events with Elixir/Plug Project update

Ravenx 2.0.0 released Project update

format_parser.ex v0.9.0 released Project update

Scribe v0.6 released Project update

certifi v2.2.0 released Project update

Cachex v3.0.0 released Project update

AlloyCI v0.3.0 released Project update

ReceiptDecoder v0.3.0 released Project update

Emphatis Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
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